About me

I live in London, like  jigsaws and hate crowds.

I also love books and music.

I’m not sure what i hope to achieve by blogging – other than give my brain a rest from talking to itself.

I have a vague idea that it will give me a space in which to ask (and maybe even answer) some of the questions my life throws up and an even vaguer idea that it might be fun.

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I love reading your blog :o)

    This reminds me of you and your cub!

    Gosto muito de te ver leãozinho.
    Caminhando sob o sol.
    Gosto muito de você leãozinho.
    Para desentristecer leãozinho.
    O meu coração tão só.
    Basta eu encontrar você no caminho.

    Um filhote de leão raio da manhã.
    Arrastando o meu olhar com um imã.
    O meu coração é o sol pai de tada cor.
    Quando ele lhe doura a pele ao léu.

    Gosto de te ver ao sol leãozinho.
    De te ver entrar no mar.
    Tua pele tua luz tua juba.
    Gosto de te ficar ao sol leãozinho.
    De molhar minha juba.
    De estar perto de você e entrar Numa.

    It’s great to see you little lion,
    walking in the sunshine.
    I like you little lion,
    I find you’re enough,
    to banish the sadness in my heart, little lion.

    You’re a young lion, like a morning ray.
    Catching the gaze of my eyes.
    My heart is like a father of evening’s colour
    When your skin lets in my light.

    It’s great to see the sun reflected in you little lion,
    When I see you go in the sea.
    Your skin, your light, your aura.
    It’s great your like the sun little lion,
    To refresh my aura.
    To be close to you and entering in one.

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