My daily life: buses that don’t turn up

Looking at the posts to my blog it occurs to me that most of them fall into three categories: examinations of ‘issues’*, reminiscences and poems. Why so few posts about my daily life you ask yourself**.

The reason is simple: my daily life consists of waiting for buses that don’t turn up, sitting on trains that have broken down and struggling to breathe on tubes which are stuffed with at least twice as many people as they were designed to hold. In my free moments i delete emails, do jigsaws and feed the cat. Oh and blog i suppose. 

So there you have it. I am not trying to conceal evenings spent enjoying exotic dancers or an exciting career which takes me all round the world and involves meetings with film stars and world leaders.

I don’t write much about my daily life because there’s nothing much to write about. Unless you really want to hear about my awful journey to work…?

No, i thought you didn’t.

* Or rants about same.
** You do. You know you do.

2 thoughts on “My daily life: buses that don’t turn up

  1. Well, I do. You know i always enjoy stories of misfortune and gloom and doom and insects, leeches and all types of disgusting wildlings and stuff. That’s the category “stories of mass transportation from a city which was once the heart of an empire on which the sun never set” fall into, i suppose? 🙂

    What about bicycles: too far to ride?

    • Hmm… dire public transport system as punishment for imperial past… an interesting idea. And yes, it’s definitely too far to ride. Plus, i hate bicycles – the brakes fail, the chain comes off and the tyres puncture. The only form of transport i trust is my feet.

      As for stories of misfortune and gloom and doom: do not despair, there will be more. That much i’m sure of.

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