I want the dog

I want the dog to come back
across the wet grass –
wet tongue hanging from
her happy mouth,
her tail wagging and snagged with

I want her to bark.
I want her to have dirty paws
and one ear
folded back on itself.

But most of all
I want her to smell
of dog
and feel like
a dog;
and not just to look like
a dog
sitting in a field in a photograph.

2 thoughts on “I want the dog

  1. I love this poem it sums up how much you miss your dog. I remember your dog fondly as she was sweet natured and gentle and loved pats.
    I know how it feels when a dog dies as I lost two dogs myself to old age when I was a child. The difference is that as an adult I am fortunate enough to have plenty of space and therefore, currently still have two dogs, although they are now in their tenth year and so I am careful to appreciate them while they are with me.

    • Thank you. Sometimes i think if i could only write the perfect poem or find the perfect photograph it would bring her back to me – the modern version of performing the perfect spell. Alas, when they’re gone they’re gone forever: dogs and people alike.

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