A limerick about a lemur

A lemur in far Madagascar
Was partial to partly cooked pasta
When asked was it more
Healthy when raw
He said, “Well it helps me go faster.”

Found this limerick* in a book of email correspondence between me and a friend. It’s the first entry in the book, which she made as a keepsake for me, and is dated the 15th August 2000.

What a decade it’s been! I don’t just mean the big things which have happened during that time: that relationship, the MSc, the depression; but the small things too: the subtle changes in hopes, dreams and fears. Still, i remain fortunate in my friends and our conversations. And whether or not i remember to say it, i remain deeply grateful for both.

* One of my better efforts. You would not want to read the worse ones, believe you me.


3 thoughts on “A limerick about a lemur

  1. You are indeed incredibly fortunate in your friends, particularly DI Sandra Grottie!

    I have found another such, dating from more recent times. I’ve had to remove the end words though in case your reader is able to work out our identities from the rhymes!

    There once was a lady, XXXX
    Renowned for her choler and XXXX
    When her friend, gentle XXXX
    Spoke just a bit too much XXXX
    She told him “shush shush!” with much XXXX

      • Oh come, come – you’re supposed to be a wordsmith – just how many words rhyme with the ends of lines one and two and fit the context of line 5! I might put you out of your benighted misery for a K&C latte!

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