Under Autumn light



Neither hindering
Nor being hindered
Under Autumn light

(Mitsu Suzuki*)

Yes, it’s official. Today i finally surrendered and accepted the obvious: it is Autumn. Don’t expect me jump for joy however.

Friends always try to persuade me of the season’s glories. “Look at the red and gold leaves!” they say, pointing at the bits of dead tree on the ground. “Aren’t they beautiful?” Or they draw my attention to the squirrels busily burying acorns, forgetting that those lucky creatures will sleep through the rest of the wrong end of the year.

I look at the birds, flying in formation away to the south, and wish i was with them. But failing that i hope for light. The shorter the days grow the more i treasure each sunny hour, each cloudless sky. Even Autumn light is better than no light.

* See the Underwater page for a bit more information about her.

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