6 thoughts on “Always

  1. Bobby Vinton sang a song, ” Mr. Lonely.”
    He could have had your poem in mind when he touched so many people.

    Fish turn into men.
    Evolution dictates it.
    Mother Nature suckles it.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I have had a brief look at your blog but i’ll have a better look when i get back from my trip.

  2. I have an earlier work by this poet. It’s entitled Package in Reception and I’m very fond of it.

    There is a very large box in reception. Is anyone expecting anything?

    Twelve hungry crocodiles?
    A lurking phantom?
    A wood magically shrunk and suspended in time, snowflakes forever on their way down to the trees.
    A hand-knitted cardigan in cerise pink with gold tassels and green bobbles from that kind aunty whose arthritis never seems to get any worse.
    A Jabberwock?
    A piece of happiness?
    A pebble?

    My favourite line is about the snowflakes forever on their way down. I think he has a very subtle touch in his poetry. In fact he’s more than old enough, I think an anthology is long overdue.

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